“You don’t build a business. You build people, and people build the business.”
Zig Ziglar
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Any company has among its main objectives to optimize profitability in order to guarantee its long-term survival. To that effect, building a safe, healthy and productive environment is primus.

However, despite strict rules and procedures, QHSE policies, trainings and programs, we still witness:

  • Poor social climate

  • High turn over rate

  • Absenteeism
  • Decline in productivity

How can you boost your company’s productivity?

  1. Let the individual be at the centre of your actions

Your employees are unique individuals whom may face several challenges: communication with others, management of their own personality and that of others, adaptation to the work places’ changing environment etc.

Again, they may also have issues with their spouses, children, large family, neighbours, and so on. Even though that touches their private life, it has repercussions on their professional life and their productivity.

As such, addressing their real problems will enhance their wellbeing and they will in turn boost company’s productivity.

Happy employees are:

  • Twice as more productive
  • 10 times less ill
  • Stay twice as more longer at the company

*According to a survey done by United Heroes in  2022.

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2. Take into consideration the 4 dimensions of your employees wellbeing

In order to be fulfilled, we must pay heed to the 4 dimensions of wellbeing:

– Financial wellbeing

– Physical wellbeing,

– Emotional wellbeing

– And social wellbeing.

A happy and productive employee is physically healthy, emotionally balanced, financially stable and socially connected.

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3. Become our partner!

TESHO COMPANY Ltd. specialises in assisting individuals and institutions in the areas of Work/Life balance, stress management and employee and family wellbeing. Our vision: Building healthy communities from healthy relationships. To this end, one of our missions is to equip all companies with practical tools to improve their interpersonal relationships and productivity.

Daily, employees face situations that are sources of stress, anxiety and depression, very often leading to Burnout. These factors lead to a drop in productivity at work and consequently to a drop in the company’s performance.

TESHO is one of the few companies on the Cameroonian territory, which is renowned for bridging that gap and enhancing general well-being.

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They trusted us….

This year, we are committed to work on employees’ wellbeing and bring you practical solutions to boost your company’s productivity.

Over the next 2 weeks, you could benefit from a special price for our training on Non Violent Communication (NVC)

NVC is crucial to maintain healthy relationships at work and at home, and to easily resolve conflicts.

Here are the prices for a 2 hours training on NVC:

0 – 10 participants 10 – 30 participants 31 – 50 participants Over 50 participants
100 000 250 000 350 000 500 000


If we record less than 50% satisfaction from the participants, you will be refunded 100% of your deposit.

This offer will expire on February 29, 2024.

This offer will expire on
February 29, 2024.
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