TESHO stands for TEam Spirit HOlistic

About TESHO Company

About the TESHO Center

TESHO Company caters to relationship and wellbeing issues. Be it within the professional or family sphere, we equip our clients with tools to improve on their relationships and enhance global fulfilment. 

History of the TESHO Concept

History of the TESHO Concept

TESHO was born in 2006 when Dr. Fon Elizabeth was named the Regional Coordinator of the National Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV control program for the Littoral Region of Cameroon. By WHO standards, the cure rate for TB was supposed to be 85% but it was only 60% in the Littoral. In order to improve on the TB cure rate the young Dr Fon Elizabeth had to find out why patients were not coming to receive the free TB/HIV treatment that was at their disposal in the treatment centers. When she administered a questionnaire to the patients, an analysis revealed that over 70% of them felt stigmatized by the healthcare providers in the course of their care. She also found out that the healthcare providers were not motivated to offer quality customer service to the patients because they had other relational challenges linked to their family lives that they were grappling with. She then embarked on building training modules for the close to 150 healthcare providers on how they could build healthy family relationships and then transport the positive energy to work so they can also build rewarding healthcare provider/patient relationships. This was because Dr Fon realized that the work/family life balance of the healthcare providers had to be considered in a holistic way so they can naturally offer their patients genuine customer service. The training program was named TESHO as in Team Spirit Holistic, the idea of a team came about because Dr. Fon Elizabeth and her 150 healthcare providers had to develop great team spirit in order to succeed.


Building healthy communities from healthy relationships.


Equip individuals and companies with tools to improve their interpersonal relationships at work and at home.


Empathy – Confidentiality – Integrity