• Who is a Counsellor?

There are some conflicts (with your partner or your children) that do not necessarily require a mediator to resolve. But in some cases, the issue is so serious that we feel the need to confide in someone to unburden ourselves or to avoid even just losing it. But it’s important to find the right person to confide in: a counsellor. A counsellor is a person trained in handling and improving relationships among individuals, couples or families who find it hard to communicate.

  • Why confide in a professional Counsellor?

  • An impartial: The counsellor is a neutral person (no family or friendship ties with you/your partner). They will be able to listen to you without taking sides or getting carried away by the emotions of either party.
  • Active listening: Active listening is a communication technique aimed at putting into words the emotions that the other person is struggling to express. Unfortunately, however, many people lack this ability. Our counsellors are skilled in this, so they can listen to you without judgement.
  • Available: The Counsellor is available for you. They will listen to you whenever you need it, without ever telling you that you are bothering them with your problems.
  • Confidentiality: The concept of confidentiality is popular among Counsellors who, by virtue of their profession, are predisposed to abide by it. So you can be sure that your problem/secret will never be shared with anybody else.
  • Psychological assistance: Marital issues are a source of enormous stress for both spouses. The Professional can help to resolve them or, when there is no other way out, to facilitate the separation. Their role is to provide objective information and practical advice so that the partners can find harmony again or find answers to their questions.

  • Where can you find counsellors?

People who are trained in counselling may work in family planning and education centres or for themselves. There are centres like TESHO, where counsellors are available to help you. All you have to do is contact them and book an appointment; then you can have a counselling session alone, with your partner or your family. Thereafter, you shall be followed up over time until the situation is resolved.

So what are you waiting for? Book your next appointment today!

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