A child who commits suicide for not passing his A’Level Certificate with A grades as his father expected, a young woman who is unhappy 👰because she was forced to marry a man imposed by her parents, that man who is passionate about medicine but is compelled to join the army 🧑✈️ following his father’s footsteps or that young man who is a top executive in a local company but cannot save up money for his personal projects due to his family’s excessive demands; these are just some of the sources of family pressure.

Being under pressure is a hard place to be, so you need to develop strategies to deal with these situations.

The first thing to do is to talk to your family and try to work things out. Remember that no family is perfect. In the family, as in everyday life, communication remains the best way to solve problems. Grandparents, aunts, uncles and other family members can all help shed light on your opinions or decisions.

Physical activity: Work out exercises are known to have physical health benefits. They also help to gradually regain focus and balance. People under stress are likely impatient and impulsive. When tension rises, it is recommended to use sports to reduce stress reactions.

Meditation: Meditation is an excellent stress reliever. Meditation plays several roles: it helps to assess the situation, to raise one’s level of judgement and to feel better. Be you a Yoga adept or not, it is a great way to stamp out family stress. Take some time each day to meditate; it feels really good.

Practice laughing every day: 

Dedicate some time to yourself to laugh; this will reduce the production of negative hormones (those produced by stress). Spending time with your children or partner, laughing with colleagues and other loved ones will take the pressure off you.

Learn to minimise stressful situations:

Learning to stop worrying about the behaviour of others is also a sign of maturity. You need to appreciate yourself without letting an external force crush you. Again, when faced with a situation over which you have no control, it is important to let go. A family member who is suffering from an illness or financial difficulties should not affect your psyche. Since you have no healing powers or a magic wand to fill your bank account, it is best not to make yourself sick over the situation.

Be organised:

If your loved ones complain you give them little time and that pressure makes your life miserable, the solution could be better organisation. This strategy will protect you from urgent situations while allowing you to anticipate the unexpected.

Take time for yourself:

Life is precious and worth living in any circumstance. Do not let responsibilities take precedence over your personal development. Find time for activities you are passionate about, treat yourself to things you enjoy. This, too, will take the stress away.

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